ITA & ENG The Chinese Series - Ricapitolando sulla Cina

Se volete accedere ai post scritti  durante la mia permanenza a Pechino, qui trovate tutti i link in ordine cronologico dal primo all'ultimo ai post scritti a Pechino (e pubblicati grazie alla Panzab. che li riceveva da me per email, visto che blogspot.com e' uno dei molti siti internet resi inaccessibili dalla censura cinese).
I slowly started to translate the posts I wrote in Italian during our time in Beijing.
To help you find them easily, you can navigate to them from the links published on this page The Chinese Series

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  1. Go Baby, go! I'm waiting for Yours chinese tips and stories and I really hated this period after each child, when I had no time for reading even a few pages in my bed... But Vale, with every day it's much better!!!


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