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Hi, here you can find the links to all my posts that I had time to write in ENGLISH
(usually the english version is below the italian text, so you have to be patient and scroll a bit down the page!)

Me and Gwyneth (18.09.2012)

Trottolina, a white&green baby (3.07.2012)

The swiss coin (16.06.2012) 

Reversed Estivil Method (25.05.2012)

The Panzanella (30.04.2012) 

The Callus of Saint Joseph (How I built my daughter mini kitchen) (28.04.2012)

Mind the Gap (my problem with London) (5.04.2012)

Ultradimensional cleaning (29.02.2012) 

Dublin: time of your life (Good riddance) (18.01.2012)

The paper boat (17.01.2012)

Tired is the new Black! (13.1.2012) 

You dont always have a second chance to do the right thing (10.1.2012)

Food Traveling (12.12.2011)

Thanksgiving Day (25.11.2011) 

Too many kinderbueno (24.11.2011) 

The passenger next to me (18.11.2011) 

The tie (9.11.2011) 

The Halley's Comet (8.11.2011)

A moment of domestic SLURP (5.11.2011)

A moment of domestic SOB (4.11.2011)

When Daddy is away on a business trip (3.11.2011)

Read it Again (1.11.2011)

The Dark Side of Switzerland (27.10.2011)

What do I bring home with me (17.10.2011)

Connecting the Dots (6.10.2011)

Poor, but Handsome(3.10.2011)

The Relocation Package (27.09.2011)

French Style of Motherhood (21.09.2011) 

How the Autumn starts (20.09.2011) 

The Communist Dinner (19.09.2011)

Being an expat single child (31.08.2011)

Guess who's coming to dinner? (29.08.2011)

Expected Guests (24.08.2011) 

The expat geography: where are you going to live next? (11.08.2011)

Ordinary paradoxes and critical moments in the life of the expat wife (15.08.2011

La Pasteque, 3 years in Ambilly (20.06.2011)

Flying Viatrix (1.04.2011) 
Residents, not Tourists (01.04.2011)

The Bourne Crossing (1.04.2011) 

Being the mother of a celebrity (01.04.2011) 

Up in the air: the Frequent Flyer Wife (09.12.2010) 

Up in the air: the Frequent Flyers (06.12.2010) 

The Birth of Viatrix (05.12.2010)


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